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Today's top world news headlines:August 29, 2014

These global news confirm the fact we are at the last hour right before the greatest Global change that mankind and Creation as a whole has been waiting for: The beginning of a new Era, unlike anything before seen, whereby the Lord of lords, King of kings - Melquisedec - will govern over the Earth and restore world peace and order...while the Evil seed of the world will cease from being. After all, the planet will have to give count for having taken His arrival all too lightly, mocking and rejecting when He arrived in the human veil named Jose Luis De Jesus, The Man Christ Jesus. But now, He will arrive in His glorious transformed body and there will be no denying that Melquisedec is the Lord of lords - King of justice, King of peace.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama, Poroshenko Planning to Meet on September 18 to Discuss Ukrainian Crisis

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is to meet with US President Barack Obama in the White House on September 18 to discuss the crisis in Ukraine’s east, according to an official statement on the White House website.   Read More

Western Sanctions Fail to Affect People of Iran, Russia – Iran’s Foreign Minister

Sanctions are an illegal pressure tactic to attempt to influence policy, but they will not affect the people of Iran and Russia, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told the press after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on Friday.   Read More

No One Would Even Think of Starting Large-Scale Conflict With Russia – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that no one would even think of initiating a large-scale conflict with Russia today.    Read More

NATO Protesters Set Up 'Peace Camp' in Wales’ Newport

Campaigners are working to set up a so-called peace camp in Newport's Tredegar Park as thousands of NATO protesters are expected to gather in the Welsh city.    Read More

Gas ShoulEscalate Ukraine Conflict – EU Energy Minister

The gas sector should not be used as an instrument for sanctions or the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, European Union Energy Minister Guenther Oettinger said Friday.   Read More

WHO states that Ebola cases could exceed 20,000

The number of people infected with the Ebola virus may surpass 20,000, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.  "The outbreak continues to accelerate. More than 40% of the total number of cases have occurred within the past 21 days," the UN health agency said in its roadmap plan issued to deal with the outbreak.   Read More

For the first time in 70 years, Dengue fever contracted in Japan

The health ministry said Wednesday it has confirmed that someone has contracted dengue fever while in Japan for the first time in nearly 70 years.   Read More

The slow death of diet soda: Aspartame study released - sales of diet soda plunge

As concerns about health epidemics plague the nation, demand and sales of diet soda have plunged as consumers try to make better choices. As we reported yesterday, aspartame - the main sweetener for diet soda - is one of the most dangerous ingredients used in our food supply, causing seizures and a host of other health issues.   Read More

Triclosan: Brushing your teeth with a carcinogenic endocrine disruptor?

Some very damning evidence has come forward that the ingredient triclosan, originally registered as a pesticide but used in more modern times in a wide array of hygiene products, is an endocrine disruptor that may also cause other health issues like cancer, thyroid dysfunction, and infertility just to name a few.   Read More

Two Japanese with suspected Ebola symptoms hospitalized in Moldova

Two Japanese citizens with suspected Ebola symptoms were taken from Chisinau airport to a Moldovan clinic on Friday, Moldovan border guard police said.   Read More

Not a mystery anymore: Spectacular green meteor flashes across New Zealand sky

Hundreds of witnesses have described the magnificence of watching a meteor flash across the New Zealand sky last night.   Read More 

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes and flooding all in one: Iceland examines Bardarbunga volcano 'cauldrons'

Scientists in Iceland say they are examining several 'cauldrons' found near Bardarbunga volcano, which could potentially be a sign of an eruption.   Read More

Guatemala declares state of calamity in 17 drought-hit regions

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina on Monday declared a state of calamity in 17 of the country's 22 departments, where as many as 200,000 rural and indigenous families whose livelihoods depend solely on farming are said to have been afflicted by a severe drought in those areas and a potential famine.   Read More

Deadly landslide strikes in south-west China

At least six people have died and 21 others are missing after a landslide struck a village in south-west China.  China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported that more than 70 houses in the village in Guizhou province were destroyed.   Read More

Biblical plague of locusts swarm Madagascar as billions of the insects make their annual migration

These incredible photos capture the biblical-like scenes in Madagascar where a plague of locusts - numbering in their billions - have descended on the country's farmland for the third year running.  Read More

Iceland lowers alert for erupting volcano and reopens airspace

The Icelandic Met Office has lowered its aviation warning from red to orange near the Bardarbunga volcano, which saw an eruption begin overnight.   Read More

Comet impact may have left layer of nanodiamonds across Earth

About 13,000 years ago, a cosmic impact caused a period of global cooling, called the Younger Dryas Period. Now, scientists have taken a closer look at this impact and have examined the character and distribution of nanodiamonds, one type of material produced during this collision.    Read More

By the company you keep: Washington's top ten favorite terrorists

While the US government still claims it is fighting a "War on Terror", it is often forgotten that the US government has a friendly relationship with many terrorist groups around the world. This relationship is not merely historical, but current.    Read More

Is the tide turning? Self-proclaimed republics' forces practically encircle Mariupol

The self-proclaimed republics' forces have practically encircled the city of Mariupol in Ukraine's embattled southeastern Donetsk region, the Novorossiya News Agency said on Friday.   Read More

Ukrainian propaganda and the lack thereof

With regard to the goings-on in Ukraine, I have heard quite a few European and American voices piping in, saying that, yes, Washington and Kiev are fabricating an entirely fictional version of events for propaganda purposes, but then so are the Russians.    Read More