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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lufthansa Pilots Strike to Ground 1450 Flights: Germany

Germany's airline Lufthansa said Sunday it would have to ground some 1,450 flights over the pilots union strike, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

The strike initially threatened to cancel 2,150 flights and affect more than 200,000 passengers, but the Europe's largest airline said later it managed to find substitute pilots, who would help it out with 700 flights.

The strike will start at 11 a.m. local time (9 a.m. GMT time) on Monday and will affect Airbus-320 and Boeing-737s flights. Medium and short-distance flights will be hit the most, Reuters said.

The Vereinigung Cockpit pilots union said Sunday it was "sorry for the inconvenience to passengers," and called on Lufthansa, which is the flag carrier of Germany, to "make an effort to find a solution to the tariff dispute."

This is not the first strike of Lufthansa's pilots in the last few months. Pilots protest against proposed changes in company's current retirement benefits. Under the existing rules, Lufthansa pilots can retire at the age of 55 and receive 60 percent of their salary, but now the company said it would make changes as the European Union revised the pilot-licensing rules, allowing them to fly until the age of 65.


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Kiev Has $3.1 Billion to Pay Off Russian Gas Debt: Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk

The Ukrainian government has accumulated $3.1 billion on its accounts to pay off the debt for gas supplies from Russia, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Sunday.

"We have the funds – the government has accumulated $3.1 billion on [its] accounts," Yatsenyuk told the Ukrainian 1+1 TV channel, discussing funds Ukraine could use to pay for Russian gas deliveries.

Ukraine is now facing the approaching winter with low natural gas reserves. In June, Russian energy giant Gazprom switched Ukraine to a prepayment system for gas deliveries in light of Ukraine's gas debt, which is estimated at over $5 billion.

In September, during ministerial talks in Berlin, Russia and the European Commission proposed a so-called winter package, which stipulated that Ukraine was to pay off $3.1 billion of its debt by the end of 2014 in exchange for gas supplies in the winter. Russia also insisted that Ukraine pay the first tranche of $2 billion before the start of the deliveries.

On October 13, Russia said it was ready to offer Ukraine a more flexible schedule for the debt repayment, according to which Kiev should pay $1.45 billion in the first installment of $3.1 billion, with the rest of the debt to be paid by the year-end. However, Ukraine refused to make any advanced payment for Russian gas supplies, insisting for payments to be made upon delivery.


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Sweden: Suspected Ebola Patient Rushed to Hospital from Stockholm Airport

A male passenger, who arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport on Sunday, has been rushed to a hospital and placed in quarantine over Ebola fears, Aftonbladet newspaper reported.

“The person was feeling nauseous, lethargic and ill. None of the three symptoms mean that this is Ebola, it can be anything. But we would rather be safe than sorry,” Swedavia spokesperson Ulf Wallin is quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“The passenger does not come from one of the [Ebola] affected countries,” Wallin added.

According to Aftonbladet, the man arrived at Arlanda from the Middle East. He was transported to a high-isolation unit at Stockholm’s Karolinska University Hospital, where he is to undergo a medical examination.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Norway, an aid worker is receiving treatment after getting infected with the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, while working for Doctors Without Borders.

The largest Ebola outbreak in history is currently taking place in West Africa. Over 4,500 people have lost their lives in the epidemic and nearly 9,200 cases of confirmed or suspected infection have been registered. Though there is no officially approved cure for the disease, several countries are working on developing Ebola vaccines.


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A man in India trampled to dead by an elephant - 7th fatality in the area in 10 months

A 52-year-old man was trampled to death by a wild elephant in Karamadai on Saturday, the third person to be killed by a jumbo in just two months in Coimbatore.

Vegetable vendor K. Murugesh came out of his house at Periyar Nagar in Karamadai to answer nature's call around 5.30 am when two tuskers standing near a bush, almost seven km from the forest boundary, charged towards him.

As it was dark, Murugesh did not notice the pachyderms and was close to the tuskers when they trumpeted and came charging from the bush. Though Murugesh tried to escape, one of the elephants chased and attacked him, causing grievous injuries.

A few villagers, who came out on hearing his loud screams, rushed Murugesh to the government hospital in Karamadai. However, he died on way. The forest department staff are now battling to drive away the two tuskers into the forest.

"We are going slowly in our driving operations, as a large number of people have gathered to take a look at the elephants. The crowd is uncontrollable and we can drive away the pachyderms only when the crowd disperses at night," said a forest department official.

The forest department gave Rs 25,000 as immediate compensation to the family of the victim on Saturday and in another two weeks, Rs2.75 lakh wíll be given to them. Murugesh is survived by his wife and three girl children.

Jumbos, which have been striking terror on the forest fringes, had killed two persons last month. Straying elephants have killed seven persons in Coimbatore district in the last 10 months. As many as 72 human lives have been lost in jumbo attacks in the last seven years.

Animal welfare activists blame the massive constructions on the elephant corridors which hamper the movement of the elephants and force them to stray into human habitations. The forest department should not allow any further constructions on the elephant corridors, they say.


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CNN receives attacks from the social media after making fun of the Ebola crisis

A Twitter firestorm erupted after CNN tweeted a photo mocking the fear of Ebola while a congressional hearing took place on the crisis. It comes as 1,000 people are being monitored for symptoms in the US.

The photo was posted by John Griffin, a senior producer at CNN, and shows three New Day anchors - Chris Cuomo, Michaela Pereira, and Alisyn Camerota - pretending to be scared while two men in protective gear stand over them. The post has since been removed.

Social media users, particularly on Twitter, did not waste time reacting to the questionable post. For example, slammed CNN for tweeting an image mocking the Ebola crisis.

CNN Tweets Ridiculous Pic Of News Anchors Mocking Ebola Crisis (PHOTO)

- AddictingInfo.Org (@AddInfoOrg) October 17, 2014
Meanwhile, Twitter user @JillAMackie wondered whether news media should be poking fun at Ebola.
Media Mocking Ebola: A-Ok or No Way? (photo) #CNN #mediafail

- Jill (@JillAMackie) October 16, 2014
In another case, user @KazJester commented on CNN's motives and its responsibility as a media outlet.
CNN's put up a story mocking the fear of ebola in people while also putting out articles designed to put the fear of ebola in people.

- KazJester (@KazJester) October 16, 2014
The tweet happened the same day that US lawmakers used a congressional hearing on Ebola to ask whether adequate provisions were being taken by the Obama administration to protect the American public. The hearing came after a Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan, died of the disease in Dallas, Texas, and two of the nurses that treated him contracted the virus. At least 12 others are being held in quarantine.

As of Friday, a pool of about 1,000 people in the US are being watched for symptoms of Ebola, either monitoring themselves or checking in with a counselor at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, reported The Los Angeles Times. The group includes people ordered into quarantine, those having their temperatures taken daily, and travelers who may have flown on a Frontier Airlines jetliner used by one of the diagnosed Texas healthcare workers who treated Duncan. So far, no one in the group has exhibited signs of Ebola.

Following the news, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday showed that travel fears have taken a toll on the American public. One-third of those surveyed said they are avoiding travel on trains and crowded public spaces, while 37 percent said they are avoiding domestic air travel.

Republicans have been pushing the Obama administration to ban all travel from West Africa, where Ebola has already claimed more than 4,500 lives.


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Really?! US company makes Ebola-themed toys and sells them out

An American company has sold out of Ebola-themed toys following a huge surge of interest in the deadly virus as it spreads across the globe.

Giant Microbes advertises three Ebola-themed toys, marketing them as "a uniquely contagious gift" that can help you learn "all about his fearsome front-page disease."

The Ebola virus has so far killed 4,555 people, with over 9,000 confirmed cases across seven different countries.

"Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T. Rex of microbes. Share the love!" reads the promotional blurb on the website.

Laura Sullivan, vice president of marketing at the company, said to the Toronto Star they had completely sold out worldwide.

"We get it in and sell out in a few days," she claimed, before reassuring potential customers the company were making more as "fast as we can" to keep up with demand.

"Sales are exceptionally high now because so many more people want to learn about it," she said.

The Conneticut-based company has made the Ebola-themed toys, which include two sizes of doll, a mock 'Ebola Petri Dish' and range in price from $9.95 to $29.95, for five years.

"With Ebola and everything that is going on, people are interested about learning more and this product provides a way for people to learn about it," Ms Sullivan said.

She also claimed the company had never received any negative feedback or complaints about its toys.

"I think that we have a responsibility to market Ebola very responsibly. Anyone putting out a product around sensitive issues has a responsibility to market the product sensitively and responsibly," she said.

"People are buying it to talk about it and if we ever felt it was being used inappropriately, we would reconsider it."

The company was originally established in order to encourage education surrounding diseases and to "bring the invisible microscopic world to life."

However, they now stock over a 100 different toys including HIV, herpes and breast cancer.


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Freedom! 'Slaves' rescued from jungle in Thailand

Thai authorities have rescued dozens of Bangladeshis from a jungle, says the BBC.

A BBC report said that they had been abducted and taken to Thailand to be sold as 'slaves'.

The men were promised well-paid jobs, before being drugged, bound and kidnapped, the report said.

The government in Thailand say they are trying to fight the slave trade, but have been accused of "dragging their heels" on the issue.

The report, however, did not disclose the identities of those rescued.

On Saturday, Thai security forces arrested two men charged with human trafficking, following the discovery of 53 men in a rubber plantation.

Thirty-eight of them were Bangladeshis and 15 were Rohingyas, a largely stateless Muslim minority from western Myanmar.

The human trafficking network operates out of the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh, as previous investigations by the 'Arakan Project', a Western research initiative in human trafficking in south-east Asia had found.

Chris Lewa, a Belgian researcher based in Thailand, directed the project.

Some religious leaders in Chittagong and a few in Malaysia and Thailand are key elements in this human trafficking chain that sucks in hundreds of hapless poor Bangladeshis and Rohingyas sheltered in Bangladesh, the project found.