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Saturday, November 22, 2014

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This is how war begins! US and Turkey Continues supporting terrorist

As if it weren't enough that the U.S. government (along with fellow reprobate countries Canada and Ukraine) voted against a UN resolution that essentially said fascism is bad, now Washington has stated their intention to continue working with Turkey to provide support to their terrorist proxies in Syria, which is ostensibly "battling" the Islamic State there. Sputnik reports:

Washington will continue to cooperate with Ankara on providing support to "moderate opposition" in Syria, which is battling Islamic State (IS) extremists, the White House said in a statement following a meeting between US Vice President Joe Biden and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

"The two leaders agreed on the need to degrade and defeat ISIL, to work towards a political transition in Syria, and provide support for the Iraqi Security Forces and the moderate Syrian opposition," the statement, released Friday, said.

According to the White House, Biden and Davutoglu discussed "the fight against ISIL in Iraq and Syria" during their Friday meeting in Ankara, which followed the US Vice President's visit to Ukraine.

Of course, by "battling", Washington actually means colluding with, jumping camps to, being defeated by, and 'surrendering' to IS. Of course, none of this - the U.S. supporting Nazis and terrorists - is really a surprise. As a Sott.net editor wrote in a comment to Riley Waggaman's recent piece for Russia Insider, 'Ukrainian Nazis Seem Nice': For the last 2 or 3 generations, the leaders of the West (led by the Late, Great United States) have been closet fascists. First they brought over the cream of the Nazi crop during Project Paperclip, and it's been all downhill since then. But at least they had the decency to keep their anti-human, pathocratic proclivities at least partially concealed. Now they're openly supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine and voting against resolutions condemning Nazism.

As for Syria, Patrick Henningsen wrote back in September:

The problem with the 'Moderate Rebels' is that Washington has never been able to identify who's moderate and who's borderline radical, and who are closet Islamic extremists. Rather inconvenient for spooks and politicians in Washington, rebel fighters in Syria don't carry I.D. bracelets indicating how extreme they are or will be in the future.

It is this very problem which helped to enable the growth of ISIS inside Syria over the last three years. As foreign money, guns and NON-SYRIAN foreign fighters began to flow into Syria, the US and its allies turned a blind eye to a host of known terrorist groups and their heinous acts, as they infested the region from outside (including hundreds of British, French, and American terror recruits), including al Qaeda, AQI, al Nusra, Front Victory, and of course, ISIS.

Like it or not, that is what has happened over the last three years. The logic in Washington and London was basically, "whoever is fighting the Syrian government is OK by us. We want regime change, so the end justifies the means".

Yes, US and NATO guns and equipment have moved from FSA hands to ISIS hands, and US special forces have knowingly or unknowingly (only they know) trained and armed future ISIS terrorists in Jordan. That's not a theory, that's a fact. Still, no comment from Washington.

Here's the real kicker. Even today, as the FSA/Moderate Rebels being backed by the US - they are also working together in joint operations with ISIS. Beirut's Daily Star reported this week:

"Often at odds on the Syrian battlefields, the FSA, Nusra Front and ISIS have entered a tenuous allegiance of convenience to fight Assad-aligned forces in the badlands surrounding Arsal.

"We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army's gatherings in ... Qalamoun," said Bassel Idriss, the commander of an FSA-aligned rebel brigade.

"We have reached a point where we have to collaborate with anyone against unfairness and injustice," confirmed Abu Khaled, another FSA commander who lives in Arsal."

... Of course, even a Middle East novice knows full well that that in addition to all the residual aid and arms from Washington and the CIA, terror brigades like al Nusra and ISIS wave been financed and assisted by persons and intelligence agents in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait - all staunch US and British allies. ISIS would be history in a fortnight if the west applied real pressure on the Gulf monarchies responsible for terrorist infestations like the Islamic State and al Nusra. But that will never happen, because as any State Department official will tell you off the record, "It's a very sensitive issue. There are grey areas there." I think 'duplicitous' is the word they are really looking for.

Henningsen is overly generous. These bastards know exactly what they're doing. And they've been doing it for years. If you're in the mood to be totally disgusted at the barbarity the U.S. regularly supports, make sure to watch The Syrian Diary documentary: Who is responsible for turning a paradise into hell? In fact, watch it even if you're not in the mood. If you're going to immunize yourself against the endless, blatant, corrupted lies of the U.S. regime of psychopathic butchers and their sycophantic stenography department, aka the mainstream media, you need to see what's really going on, in all its horror. And while you're at it, subscribe to YouTube channels like Kazzura and Anti-Maidan, which regularly post videos from on the ground in east Ukraine. They show what's really going on, not the white-washed swill you'll find in the New York Times and on CNN, Fox, the BBC, etc.

So, the next time you hear some idiot resembling David Cameron call Putin the next Hitler, remember who the real fascists are.

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Why reopen the JFK murder 51 years after?

Every year, without fail, the president dies all over again. For a few days every autumn, the entire media is overwhelmed by those haunting photos from Dallas. Those cruelly happy and innocent pictures of a young president smiling and waving at bystanders, the first lady clutching a bouquet of roses. With their soft, prelapsarian colors, they seem to hail from another universe - one that has been stolen from us.

Perhaps it is that feeling of loss that explains the lingering sense of grief over John F. Kennedy's assassination year after year, when the anniversaries of other, equally shocking events - from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 - are generally quieter affairs. But there is also something unfinished about Kennedy's death, a lingering suspicion that no one has ever been able to banish.

For the public has never embraced the official verdict, handed down by the Warren Commission in September 1964. After less than a year of hearings and deliberations, the team - led by Chief Justice Earl Warren - concluded that President Kennedy had been shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a 24-year-old ex-Marine portrayed by the Commission as a shiftless loner with communist sympathies. But they could not explain why.

The most obvious question about the murder was also the one that could not be answered. Not only had Oswald been murdered in police custody two days after the assassination, but the Commission had been unable to find a single person who remembered Oswald criticizing Kennedy. On the contrary, Oswald had frequently expressed his admiration for the president. The Commission interviewed at least six witnesses who remembered Oswald praising Kennedy.

Faced with a substantial hole in their case, the Commission tried to plug it by filling the report with airy speculation about Oswald's tormented psyche. Oswald, they insisted, was someone who had been driven by "resentment of all authority," "antagonism toward the United States" and an "urge to try to find a place in history." Perhaps he had shot the president, the Report blandly suggested, because of his "inability to enter into meaningful relationships with people."

But this conclusion was not reached in a vacuum. From the moment it was established, the Warren Commission was under tremendous pressure to calm a hysterical public and quash the widespread rumors of a conspiracy that exploded across the country in the days following the public killing of the president's accused assassin. As Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach put it in a memo written hours after Oswald's death, "We need something to head off public speculation or Congressional hearings of the wrong sort."

That "speculation" never went away. In 1966, the first national poll taken on the subject found that 46 percent of Americans believed that JFK had been struck down by a plot. Last year, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 62 percent of the public rejected the idea that a single man had killed the president.

The Post reported this development with a palpable sense of bafflement, for the mainstream media has always treated skeptics of the official account with impatience, even scorn. For them, the Kennedy case was cracked and closed long ago. Last year, Jill Abramson blithely informed readers of The New York Times that "the historical consensus seems to have settled on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin," dismissing the wealth of information about the assassination that can be found online as "unfiltered and at times unhinged musings."

As far as the vast majority of the American press is concerned, critics of the Warren Commission are in a class with the paranoids who doubt that the moon landing occurred, that President Obama was born in the United States, or that al Qaeda was responsible for the 2001 terrorist attacks. They insist, as Adam Gopnik did in a meandering New Yorker essay last year, "that the evidence that the American security services gathered, within the first hours and weeks and months, to persuade the world of the sole guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald remains formidable," and that anyone who differs with this assessment is an "obsessive" or a "buff" with no life. Some defenders of the Warren verdict sound as passionate as any conspiracy theorists: Chris Matthews, an admirer of Kennedy, once told his audience that assassination skeptics cling to conspiracy theories "because they cannot bear the suffering that truth brings to the heart and to the mind."

It can be shocking, after reading such dismissive remarks, to learn that some of the most powerful people in the United States expressed skepticism about the official account of JFK's death. John Kerry might have startled some people when he admitted last year that he entertained "serious doubts" about the Warren verdict, but he was far from the first member of the political establishment to say so.

President Lyndon Johnson, who commissioned the Warren Report, was never satisfied by its conclusions. "I can't honestly say that I've ever been completely relieved of the fact that there might have been international connections," he told Walter Cronkite in 1969, adding that Oswald was "a mysterious fellow" whose motivations remained uncertain. "I never believed that Oswald acted alone, although I can accept that he pulled the trigger," he told another journalist in 1971. Senator Richard Russell, a member of the Warren Commission, disagreed with the final report, particularly the controversial claim that JFK and Texas Governor John Connally had been struck by the same bullet - a conclusion that Connally himself doubted.

While the Kennedy family has been guarded in its public statements on the subject, they privately expressed doubts that Oswald had acted alone. A week after the assassination, Robert and Jacqueline Kennedy sent a back-channel message to Soviet leaders,telling them that they believed that "the president was felled by domestic opponents." In 2013, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. revealed that his father had dismissed the Warren Report as "a shoddy piece of craftsmanship."

Other Washington bigwigs have given voice to similar suspicions. In his memoirs, former House Speaker Tip O'Neill recalled that JFK aides Kenneth O'Donnell and Dave Powers - both of whom had been riding in JFK's motorcade at the moment of the assassination - once told him that they had heard two shots coming from the grassy knoll, across the street from where Oswald is alleged to have fired all of the shots. CIA Director John McCone told RFK that he believed two gunmen had been present in Dealey Plaza. In 1992, both Al Gore and Bill Clinton expressed guarded doubts that Oswald had acted alone.

In short, even as the media strained to portray the Warren Commission's verdict as unassailable, some of the most powerful figures in Washington, past and present, publicly and privately admitted that they found it hard to swallow. None of these people were flakes, none were easily fooled, and none could be considered "obsessives" or "buffs." Why did they feel, instinctively, that something was wrong in the Kennedy case?

The answer lies not in the much-debated minutiae of the case - in how many shots were fired, the order in which the wounds were inflicted, and the reliability of each witness. The real mystery lies not in the facts that are disputed, but in the facts that are known. There is something profoundly strange about the story of Lee Harvey Oswald as it was presented by the Warren Commission.

In 1956, at the age of 17, Oswald quit high school to join the U.S. Marine Corps. He was no ordinary Marine: From 1957 through 1958, he was assigned to work as a radar operator at Atsugi Naval Air Base in Japan. Atsugi was not only a major CIA station, but also the home base of the top-secret U-2 spy plane, used to conduct reconnaissance missions inside the Soviet Union. While working at Atsugi, Oswald - as his commanding officer told the Warren Commission - "had access to the location of all bases in the West Coast area, all radio frequencies for all squadrons, all tactical call signs, and the relative strength of all squadrons."

In 1959, Oswald abruptly quit the marines and traveled to Russia, where he declared his intention to defect to the Soviet Union. He subsequently turned up at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, where he dramatically announced that he intended to spill all of the secrets he had learned as a marine to his new country's government. He even bragged that he "might know something of special interest" to the Soviets.

This should have set off alarm bells in every corner of the U.S. intelligence community. Defections to the Soviet Union were rare enough; a former marine who had access to top-secret, highly sensitive information was something else again. When the U-2 plane was shot down by Soviet guns in May 1960, Oswald might well have been considered the most likely culprit. The young defector should have been poised to be condemned as the Edward Snowden of his day.

But he was not. The vast U.S. national-security establishment showed virtually no interest in Oswald. When Oswald decided to return home in 1962 - two years after openly declaring his intent to betray his country to its deadliest enemy - he received a warm welcome. He faced no investigation and had no trouble obtaining a new passport; the U.S. State Department even lent him $435 for his traveling expenses. Upon returning home, Oswald began noisily campaigning in support of Communist Cuba, again without attracting the attention of the intelligence community.

Why was Oswald treated so lightly? As Sylvia Meagher put it in Accessories After the Fact, her groundbreaking 1967 critique of the Warren Report: "There is a consistent pattern of unusual and favorable treatment of Oswald by the State Department. Decision after decision, the Department removed every obstacle before Oswald - a defector and would-be expatriate, self-declared enemy of his native country, self-proclaimed discloser of classified military information, and later self-appointed propagandist for Fidel Castro - on his path from Minsk to Dallas."

At the height of the Cold War, when tensions with the Soviet Union were at an all-time high, this professed traitor was apparently not even debriefed by the CIA upon his return to the U.S. In 1975, the CIA's then-director William Colby insisted that the CIA had never had any contact at all with Oswald, either before or after his defection.

This conspicuous silence is the black hole at the heart of the JFK assassination, a mystery that cannot easily be explained away. There seems to be no rational reason why a prominent defector and outspoken quisling should have been so blithely overlooked by the entire national security establishment, in an era when hysteria over potential Soviet infiltration was so fierce that Hollywood celebrities, civil rights activists and union organizers were all being targeted for their alleged communist connections. It is no accident that the report could not establish a coherent motive for Oswald; the very facts of Oswald's life seem incoherent. Something is missing.

There is one explanation that seems frighteningly plausible. In his 1990 book Spy Saga,"Philip Melanson speculated that Oswald may have been recruited by the U.S. government as a low-level intelligence agent, and that his sojourn in Russia was an undercover mission. The evidence is entirely circumstantial, but former CIA Director Allen Dulles himself pointed out to the Warren Commission that there was no paper trail for many of his agency's men and that many agents would refuse to admit their identity even under oath.

As unlikely as it may sound, this theory would explain why Oswald was not targeted by U.S. intelligence after his defection, and it would explain why he had no trouble returning home. It might also help to explain another Oswald mystery: why an alleged Marxist appears to have had no Marxist friends, spending the majority of his time in the U.S. socializing with right-wing Russian exiles and anti-Castro Cubans - many of whom apparently had CIA connections of their own.

It might explain why Oswald, portrayed by the Warren Report as a fame-seeker who had "sought for himself a place in history," denied to his last breath that he had killed the president. After Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby on Nov. 24, Detective B. H. Combest asked the dying Oswald if there was anything more he wanted to say. "He shook his head," Combest recalled. The Warren Commission heard this testimony but chose to omit it from its final report.

It may also explain why the CIA, to this day, refuses to release more than a thousand documents relating to the JFK assassination for reasons of "national security," a claim that makes no sense if the president was killed by a crank for no reason. For if Oswald was any kind of intelligence agent, the official explanation - relying as it does on the assumption that Oswald was a disgruntled loner - is irreparably shattered, and every single piece of evidence needs to be examined in a new light.

It is highly implausible that the full truth behind John F. Kennedy's assassination lies buried in those unreleased documents. It is more likely that they contain clues that would further weaken the official account, perhaps to the point where many Americans would feel that their instinctive skepticism was justified enough to demand a new investigation into the matter. Fifty years is a long time to wait for a satisfactory answer; we should have not to wait for fifty more.

We cannot tell where that investigation might lead, or how it might change our understanding of the most famous murder case of the last century. But there is only one way to find out.

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Target engage! US viable alternative to dominated world economic system

Interview with Asam Ismi of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Peter Koenig: Is BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa) a viable alternative to the present U.S.-dominated world economic system and does it have the potential to replace it? Are we witnessing the birth of a new international economic order in BRICS and the Russia-China energy deal?

Asad Ismi: The BRICS have a great potential to become a viable alternative to the dollar dominated economic system. The creation of the BRICS development bank is an indication in this direction. The bank could temporarily even act as a BRICS Central Bank and when the time comes issue a new BRICS currency, for example the Bricso. Together the BRICS account for almost 30% of world GDP and for about 45% of the world population. However, the US is using any means they can to destabilize the BRICS one by one. Take Brazil, though Dilma Rousseff has won easily the first round of elections, but after Washington's slandering her government for corruption and high indebtedness - the usual non-substantiated arguments - her campaign had to work hard until reason prevailed. I'm confident, people's trust will confirm her in the second round.

There is a massive effort of de-dollarization going on by the BRICS, led by Russia and China, the two strongest BRICS members. Since June 2014 regular and sizable ruble - yuan swaps have taken place to free the two countries from the traditional trading currency, the US dollar. In early July this year, after meeting with Vladimir Putin, Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Russian Central Bank, declared in an international media event, just before her impending meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank of China in Beijing, "We are discussing with China and our BRICS partners the establishment of a system of multilateral swaps that will allow to transfer resources to one or another country, if needed. A part of the currency reserves can be directed to [the new system]", - thus announcing the emergence of an international anti-dollar alliance.

This signals the beginning of a new monetary system which eventually will issue its own currency, possibly a basket of currency, akin to the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) of the IMF that could gradually replace the dollar as a reserve currency. This is in fact already happening. Ten years ago, the world's reserves consisted to about 90% of dollar denominated securities. Today that figure has shrunk to 60%.

Indeed it is high time that a new monetary and economic system replaces the current FED-BIS (Bank for International Settlement)-Wall Street dollar denominated predatory casino scheme that has in the last 100 years alone largely contributed to - and benefited from - two world wars, impoverished our planet, socially and environmentally. This system is at the verge of a larger abyss than the depression of the 1930s.

The global amount of outstanding derivatives is estimated way above 700 trillion dollars - global GDP is about US$ 72.6 trillion (est. 2014). Five of the largest US banks alone have each more than 40 trillion in derivative exposure. If they decide to call in their debt at one or in part, it would for sure create a worldwide tsunami with a resulting collapse of our western monetary system. Today 6 US banks control two thirds of all banking assets (in 2008 the figure was just over 40%).

Add to this calamity that in 2008 the too-big-to-fail banks were 'bailed out' by public money, according to the new Todd-Frank banking Act, future insolvent banks have to rescue themselves by 'bail-ins' - confiscating money from depositors and shareholders. A similar law has recently been approved by the European Commission (EC). - The world at large can only hope that a new monetary system will emerge soon to reign in the atrocities of our western greed economy.

PK: How will the BRICS system be better for the Global South than the U.S. one?

AI: A "BRICS system" would offer a healthy alternative to the highly indebted and defunct dollar system, where money is printed at will. It would be detached from the Wall Street - BIS clearing system (SWIFT) and would allow trading in countries' own moneys with currency swap arrangements between respective central banks. Today, though steadily declining, most trading is still denominated in dollars and has to transit through a US bank and the BIS clearing system. Under the FED-BIS-WS banking system currencies - and gold - are subject to exchange rate and interest manipulations.

For example, the ruble has lost 22% of its value since the beginning of 2014 and 15% in the last quarter alone. There is no economic reason for that, other than anti-Russia propaganda and currency manipulation, since the Russian economy is despite the ridiculous 'sanctions' on more solid ground than that of the US. Call it 'sanctions' - if you will - for not bending to the political demands of Washington on Ukraine. The western MSM would like you to believe that this is the result of the Russian caused Ukraine crisis which is driving investors away. Western media continue to ignore that Kiev's gang of thugs, a Nazi government, was created and is supported and funded by Washington and its western puppets.

In the meantime, the BRICS and some other countries, including Argentina, have started denominating their contracts and trading in local currencies already some time ago, thereby considerably circumventing exposure to the fraudulent dollar system. A solid alternative currency may also become an alternative reserve currency - a deed for which countries around the world, especially China, Russia and India, have called for years.

Recently Beijing has offered the EU to deal with China directly through respective central banks' currency swaps, thereby avoiding the oppressive claws of the dollar. Outrageous penalties, like the 9 billion dollar 'fine' to the French BNP-Paribas for dealing with sanctioned Iran might not have happened if the US would not have had a claw on the French bank because of its obligation to transit - and hold accounts - in the US banking system.

PK: What is the potential for a BRICS currency to replace the U.S. dollar?

AI: The chances are good that a BRICS currency, or let's call it a solid alternative currency based on the combined economy of sound nations will eventually displace the dollar as 'world currency' - in other words as currency of reference and major reserve currency. Once the new money is established with a secure exchange and transaction system, replacing SWIFT, it is very likely that many countries that so far do not dare abandoning the dollar - for fear of sanctions - might join the new money pool, thereby strengthening it. As I said before, it is high time that the currency of worldwide theft, abuse and exploitation - the US dollar - financial instrument for endless wars and economic terrorism, be replaced with a currency of peaceful endeavors that respects national sovereignty - a currency that works for the people, not for the elite of a few.

PK: To what extent will the recent Russia-China energy deal undermine the U.S. dollar? Will China pay for Russian gas in Yuan and not the dollar?

AI: The Russia - China US$ 400 billion energy deal, signed in May this year will by 2018 have some 38 billion cubic meters of gas flow through the so-called 'Holy Grail' pipeline from the largest gas producer, Russia, to the largest energy user, China - is many things at once: it is, of course a symbolic step in the process of decoupling hydrocarbon trading from the dollar, as it foresees payments in local currencies, rubles and yuan. It sidesteps the traditional dollar denomination for hydrocarbon trading. It is symbolic, because Russia's total hydrocarbon trading per year alone amounts to about one trillion dollars. But it is a demonstration to the world that Russia and China, at the verge of war in the 1960s, are morphing into a strong alliance in trade, politics and defense. In that sense yes, the gas deal is clearly undermining the dollar.

Prior to the signing of this gas treaty, during a special meeting on 24 April, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Shuvalov, declared that in the future Russian enterprises will be subject to a "currency switch executive order", under which a certain percentage of contracts will be denominated in rubles. Whether and when the level will reach 100% is largely a question of the partners' willingness to deal in ruble. This directive has been enhanced by Russiya Bank's parallel declaration that the ruble is fully backed by gold.

PK: What is the significance of the $100 billion development bank set up by BRICS? Can it replace the World Bank? How will it be better for the Global South than the World Bank?

AI: For now it is a symbolic step away from the Washington Consensus of the WB and IMF neoliberal approach to development financing - away from privatizing of public goods and services, like water supply and health and education services - I would hope.

The development bank is not yet operational, but from my understanding will likely concentrate on infrastructure development and enhancement (transportation, energy distribution, telecommunication and so on), energy exploration and exploitation, including alternative clean energy - and social services.

The BRICS development bank may initially also serve as a BRICS central bank, especially in case of issuing a combined currency; and perhaps also take over some of the roles pertaining to the IMF, like balance of payment assistance - hopefully with human rather than with the IMFs draconian conditions.

Remember, today China is clearly in the BRICS driver's seat with an interest to harvest the benefits of the group's synergies and comparative advantages, a collection of countries geographically and culturally apart and distributed around the globe. Their relationships and trading among each other may make the benefits for each larger than the sum of its parts.

Whether the new BRICS development bank will eventually replace the WB and maybe the IMF depends largely on the way the new bank sees economic development, whether their policies and fields of action are attractive to borrowers and address their people's demands. - That means that people clearly do not like to see their corrupt leaders becoming richer, while their water and sanitation services are being privatized, their natural resources being exploited by foreign corporations for a pittance and their government operations being 'structurally adjusted', leaving masses of people jobless, their social safety nets being abolished or stolen, with reduced wages and pensions. These neoliberal pro-cyclical policies should definitely not be part of the new BRICS economic development bank.

PK: Please comment on the significance of the recent meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its expansion to include India, Pakistan and Iran.

AI: The 13th annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization - SCO - held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on 11-12 September, may be a hammer for the west. It was attended by the heads of state of Russia, President Putin, China, President Xi Jingpen and Iran, President Rouhani. The group's membership, currently consisting of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is poised to be expanded to include India, Pakistan and Iran. Mongolia is another likely candidate.

The Oriental Review, an Open Dialogue Research Journal, reports, "The reasoning behind the need for expansion is obvious. If the SCO is to have real weight on the international arena and become a truly prestigious organization that is able to rival NATO, it requires additional members. If India, Pakistan, Iran and Mongolia were all to become permanent members, which looks likely, the group would then control 20 percent of the world's oil and half of all global gas reserves. On top of that, the bloc would represent about half of the world's population. This would fortify SCO's reputation as a dominant organization. Additionally, Turkey could become a member as well. Its leadership has long been seeking to join and Turkish-speaking governments are likely to support their petition."

If Turkey, a NATO member, would join the SCO, this would clearly be a conflict and nail in NATO's coffin - a blow to western powers.

The journal goes on - "The aggressive nature of Western actions towards Russia has certainly united the SCO members. What links them all - whether members or observers - is the rejection of Western-dominated institutions, such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, which are all US-based. The SCO, like the BRICS with their Development Bank, sees itself as a forum against the Western dominated global order."

SCO summit concluded that economic cooperation between members should be enhanced, which includes further economic integration. The concept bodes particularly well for China's idea of a new Silk Road Economic Belt that might expand westwards to include Germany, as per a personal proposal of President Xi to Madame Merkel in March 2014.

Hence, the Oriental Review concludes and I concur, the ambition to create a truly dominant organization free of any Western influence may become a reality in the near future. I would like to add - this cannot happen fast enough in order to stop US-led western aggressions and financial terrorism around the world.

PK: Are the recent U.S. war moves in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine and the U.S. pivot to Asia aimed at preventing the consolidation of alliances such as BRICS?

AI: These moves - or rather military aggressions - have multiple purposes. A primary purpose is 'regime change' of all those governments which do not align with Washington's imperial ideology. In the Middle East, and elsewhere for that purpose, the idea is to sow chaos and strive between different ethnic groups and religions. Make no mistake, the ISIS, the latest so-called 'terror caliphate', and all its predecessors - were and are all created and funded by Washington. Their purpose is to destabilize countries and then to justify US intervention to 'salvage' what's left of the mess.

In other words, to bring about 'regime change' - just see the recent turmoil in Iraq and Syria - and to some extent also Ukraine. In Ukraine the White House literally orchestrated a coup in February this year and installed, financed and armed a regime of Nazi thugs in Kiev which is now committing the most atrocious war crimes in the eastern Ukraine Donbass area, killing thousands of civilians - so far more than 3,700 - mostly women and children and causing a flood of so far more than 1.2 million refugees into Russia. In this latter case the 'pivot' to Asia is expanding NATO basis ever closer to Moscow's doorstep - and to take over - like in looting - an extremely resource rich country that has been the cradle of historic Russia. Obviously, Mr. Putin, the Kremlin and the Russian people do not like to see this vicious take-over of their brothers and sisters and their ancient lands.

But there is more to destabilizing the BRICS and the pivot to Asia - practically maneuvering of Ukraine into civil war, planting chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria - than meets the eye. It is the end game, full spectrum dominance - the full achievement of the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century) - meaning complete control of the world's resources, people and economies. Already in the 1970s Henry Kissinger, one of the patriarchs of elitist and neoliberal thinking and perhaps the greatest war criminal still alive, spoke these infamous words, "Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world". These words resonate today stronger than ever.

PK: How fragile is the U.S. economy? ls it in danger of collapsing soon due to its heavy debt load?

AI: The US economy is as fragile as can be. It is basically a balloon of hot air, ready to implode. This is partly due to its enormous debt - 105% of GDP (US$ 17 trillion, est.2014) - and unmet obligations - 127 trillion, about 8 times GDP; no other country in the world has this level of actual debt and foreseen but uncovered obligations.

Today the economy of the United States is a mere house of cards. It consists to more than 50% of the war and security industry and related services and industries. In other words, the US has a GDP of destruction - with the hope that after a country has been destroyed to rubble, its citizens killed or reduced to misery - US corporations will be called to rebuild and rescue what's left. As per Robert Zoellick, former World Bank President ..... "As in Iraq, we hope to be part of rebuilding Libya, when the war ends" - and we all know who controls the World Bank.

As the world at large takes gradually note of the emptiness of the US economy, of the nakedness of the US emperor, so to speak, people and countries are wishing and hoping - some are even calling - for an alternative monetary and economic system, as their reserves and international contracts are in peril.

Adding to the fragility of the US economy is its banking system. As mentioned before, it is again at the verge of a collapse - this time with considerably more serious consequences than in 2008 of which repercussions are still felt today around the globe - 6 years later. - Many 'expert' estimates predict a stock market slump of up to 70% in the very foreseeable future, vs. about 50% in 2008. Consequences of unemployment, housing dispossessions, hunger and disease - sheer misery are unfathomable.

However, there is a strong feeling that these cyclical economic collapses and disasters are not just unpredictable random events inherent in our economic system. They are rather planned events - planned by the masters of the system - the FED, Wall Street, BIS, the financiers of this world - so that the rich can get richer and the poor will get poorer. This phenomenon was already observed during the economic slump of the 1930s. The middle class is diminishing. The abyss between rich and poor grows worldwide - towards a world of a distinct corporate and finance elite and a mass of serfs to scurry about complying with the wishes and desires of the masters.

But it's not too late. We the People can stop it. We must wake up and become conscious.

PK: Is there anything else you consider important and would like to add?

AI: People beware of the Mass Media and their outrageous lies!

The Mainstream Media, or commonly called MSM, is a weapon as criminal and killing as the US / NATO war machine with its European puppets. The MSM are in the hands of 6 giant Judo-Anglo-Saxon media corporations. They literally control 90% of the information officially dished out to the common citizen. Their news are copied and replicated throughout the world, translated into whatever language is suitable and needed.

They work and are paid for the financial and corporate elite, especially the military / security and financial complex. - They dupe people into believing that they are in pursuit of peace, protecting you from terror, preventing villains like Russia and China from taking over the world, when in reality it is thanks to Russian and Chinese diplomacy and economic pressures that the world has so far escaped WWIII.

Already Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minister, said - A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.

That's the level of lying we are exposed at today - far surpassing Orwell's 1984 doomsday scenario. Our thinking has been brainwashed and manipulated to the point where a lie is more comfortable and easier to believe than the truth.

There are few media that are worth watching or listening to. One of them is TeleSur of South America, with home in Venezuela. It broadcasts around the world, has top reporters and journalists stationed and reporting directly from the hotspots, with in-depth analyses, connecting the dots and areas of interest - something that is hard to find these days. TeleSur can be seen in most of the Southern Hemisphere, including in parts of the US, and everywhere on internet.

We have to wake up - awaken to a consciousness of peace and solidarity - seeking the truth from uncommon sources, like the present one, TeleSur and others on internet, rather than submitting to the steady drip of indoctrination by the mainstream media.

Becoming conscious of people, societies, the environment - the truth around us - that's my wish for humanity.

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They call this "National Security": In Great Britain, protecting pedophile politicians

I've long written about how the percentage of sociopaths within a group of humans becomes increasingly concentrated the higher you climb within the positions of power in a society, with it being most chronic amongst those who crave political power (see: Humanity is Rising).

The reason for this is obvious. Those with the sickest minds, and who wish to act upon their destructive fantasies, understand that they can most easily get away with their deeds if they are protected by an aura of power and ostensible respectability.

They believe that as a result of their status, no one would dare accuse them of horrific activities, and if it ever came to that, they could quash any investigation. Unfortunately for us all, this is typically the case. I previously covered the issue of powerful pedophiles in the UK in the piece: Former BBC Host "Sir" Jimmy Savile Exposed as Major Player in Massive Pedophile Ring.

Now we have evidence of yet another case.

The Guardian reports that:
The security services are facing questions over the cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s were destroyed.

Two newspaper executives have told the Observer that their publications were issued with D-notices - warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security - when they sought to report on allegations of a powerful group of men engaging in child sex abuse in 1984. One executive said he had been accosted in his office by 15 uniformed and two non-uniformed police over a dossier on Westminster paedophiles passed to him by the former Labour cabinet minister Barbara Castle.

Ah, national security. Remember that the next time you are lectured that we need to give up our civil liberties in the name of "national security." Think about what that really means. It really means the security of the status quo to continue to behave like insane criminals with zero accountability.

The other said that his newspaper had received a D-notice when a reporter sought to write about a police investigation into Elm Guest House, in southwest London, where a group of high-profile paedophiles was said to have operated and may have killed a child. Now it has emerged that these claims are impossible to verify or discount because the D-notice archives for that period "are not complete".

"It feels like just another example of key documents from that period going missing. We need to know more about what has happened. The journalists who have said that D-notices were issued are respected people with no reason to lie."

The two journalists, Don Hale, the former editor of the Bury Messenger, and Hilton Tims, news editor of the Surrey Comet between 1980 and 1988, both recall their publications being issued with D-notices around 1984. Tims, a veteran of the Daily Mail and BBC, where he was head of publicity for the launch of colour TV, said that his chief reporter had informed him that a D-notice had been issued to him after he tried to report on a police investigation into events at Elm Guest House, where Smith is said to have been a regular visitor.

"The reporter was told that there were a number of high-profile people involved and they were getting boys from a care home in the Richmond area. So I put someone on to it, the chief reporter I think, to make inquiries. It was the following day that we had a D-notice slapped on us; the reporter came over and told me. It was the only time in my career."

Hale, who was awarded an OBE for his successful campaign to overturn the murder conviction of Stephen Downing, a victim of one of the longest-known miscarriages of justice, said he was issued with a D-notice when editor of the Bury Messenger. He had been given a file by Castle, by then an MEP, which had details of a Home Office investigation into allegations made by the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens of the existence of a Westminster paedophile ring. The files contained the name of 16 MPs said to be involved and another 40 who were supportive of the goals of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which sought to reduce the age of consent.

The worst part about incidents like these, is that those closest to the situations will often blindly protect the offenders. Such as what is described in the following articles.

From Outside Magazine: The Sex-Abuse Scandal Plaguing USA Swimming

From the Associated Press: Classroom Sex Abuse Case to Cost Nearly $140M

My heart goes out to all these young, helpless victims, and all those others whose stories haven't been told.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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Gorilla misbehaves and throws rocks at tourist in a zoo in Berlin

This gorilla at Berlin zoo shows a group of unsuspecting Irish tourists exactly what he thinks of their company, as he throws a rock at them from close range

A gorilla at Berlin zoo shows a group of Irish tourist exactly what he thinks of their company as he throws a rock directly at their group.

According to his Youtube account Stefan Nolan and his friends were waiting for a flight back to Ireland when they decided to visit Berlin zoo.

Finding themselves at the gorilla enclosure Stefan decided to film the impressive creature on his phone.

The gorilla approached the group then seemingly out of nowhere threw a rock at them from close range.

According to Mr Nolan, "apparently gorillas aren't a fan of the Irish ..."

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Cambodia: 11-year-old girl killed by a wild elephant

Officials are calling an animal attack "unusual" after a wild elephant trampled an 11-year-old girl to death on Sunday near the Chi Phat eco-tourism zone in Koh Kong province.

At about 11am, the young girl, named Cheam Sokkhim, was fishing with her mother at a protected area when the male elephant emerged and went on a rampage, Koh Kong's Thmor Bang district police chief Saum Samei told the Post yesterday.

They ran, but the elephant started chasing after them, and then the daughter fell down.

The elephant then kicked and crushed her with its foot, according to Samei.

"This is the first time this has happened," Samei said. "Before, elephants used to be afraid of people, but now they chase people."

John Willis, director of programs for the preservation group Wildlife Alliance, which oversees Chi Phat, said elephant attacks are unheard of around the eco-tourism zone.

"There have been some elephant attacks in other provinces ... but we haven't heard of any elephant attacks in Chi Phat," Willis said.

However, he added that a male elephant in the area was reported to be acting aggressively around the same time last year.

According to Samei, the elephants have grown bolder ever since Chi Phat became a popular tourist destination.

In 2013, Willis said that Wildlife Alliance recorded 2,000 international tourist visits in the area.

"There are banana and sugar plantations around there that tend to attract elephants, and that might be a factor ... but as far as elephants being acclimated to humans, I don't know if it is," Willis said.

A Wildlife Alliance worker, who has not been authorised to speak to the press, confirmed that the wild elephant has since disappeared into the forest and that the NGO is looking at policies on how to deal with the incident.

"This is a tourist site, so we couldn't do anything to the animal," Samei said. "We only hope that people would be more careful about this."

The family of the victim could not be reached.

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