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Today's top news headlines: April 23, 2014

These global news confirm the fact we are at the last hour right before the greatest Global change that mankind and Creation as a whole has been waiting for: The beginning of a new Era, unlike anything before seen, whereby the Lord of lords, King of kings - Melquisedec - will govern over the Earth and restore world peace and order...while the Evil seed of the world will cease from being. After all, the planet will have to give count for having taken His arrival all too lightly, mocking and rejecting when He arrived in the human veil named Jose Luis De Jesus, The Man Christ Jesus. But now, He will arrive in His glorious transformed body and there will be no denying that Melquisedec is the Lord of lords - King of justice, King of peace.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Breaking News: BIG Earthquakes Are Coming Since The World Has Been Judged!


Everyone listening today: These are instructions of our King for the world. Pay attention! Listen well! Mass media, listen up! All who are tuning in to Telegracia, our radio, our television attention to this being said today from the Throne of Grace. These are the instructions of our King of kings and Lord of lords:

Either you are in the Spirit of Truth - that is, in the spirit of submission in the order of Melquisedec - or you are in a strong delusion. Those who are not with Melquisedec, take note of this: 

Those who are not with Melquisedec are with a strong delusion that He himself sends them for believing a lie, and they will all be condemned.  God is tired of all the unbelievers who steal from him, he's tired of those who make artists their gods.

Look, the world makes artists gods. If you notice, when those big artists come, what do you see? People invest finances, millions...Oh, and they cry for them! Those are the gods of today, and they do not sow to God. They invest in those gods, those artists. Those gods destroy whole households - it’s not just the religious people! Hello! Today, we are also identifying this genre. 

This is for the whole world. Look, this is for everyone today. This warning...this is the last opportunity, because disasters are coming! Hello! Attention, nations! We said it here from the Throne of Grace.

We give instructions from King Melquisedec. Disasters are coming! Condemnation is coming for the whole world. 

That is coming! This is a warning....a last wake up call! Hello! Because the door is closed, beloved. The ark is ready and with this, we are condemning the world. Hello! 

Just like Noah believed, he had godly fear and condemned the world, and he was made an heir.  And what came? What came on the Earth? Well, we are doing the same as before. It’s about to happen! Right now, this is been fulfilled and we are warning the world in the same manner as in the days of Noah. The door was closed. 

Beloved, pay attention! For forty years, Noah, warned that generation and he had godly fear...he was obedient, he believed God. Noah submitted himself to Melquisedec’s instructions and started to build the ark and he did it for forty years. And he was waiting...and constructing...and they would mock him and mock him, and he was declaring and declaring and confessing and saying "I hope that a multitude comes in", and animals came in.   

Who went in there? Eight people! 

Well, in the same many years did Melquisedec -when He went into the clay vessel of Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda- how many years did He edify? Forty years! In the same manner! It is fulfilled again. Forty years! How many messages?  How many tracings? More than 3,000 and in different languages, and His website...on television, on the radio, in pamphlets, before Washington D.C., traveling to a multitude or to two or three people….forty years warning the world that the transformation was coming, that there was only one gospel...that one must submit to God’s government.  

It is fulfilled in the same manner.  

Do you know what the ark is called today? Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda. The ark, forty years edifying, and today the mystery is fulfilled and by that, those of us who have believed by our faith, condemn the world TODAY.  By our faith, God’s government, Growing in Grace - God’s government which is in the order of the King of Justice and equality- by this faith, we condemn the world. We have honored the veils of God, we have honored what God did in Jesus of Nazareth- which was to take away sin and destroy the devil.  We have honored what He did in Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda - which was edifying the church with the gospel of the apostle Paul.  Today, we have honored what He speaks to us through His Archangel, and by this faith we condemn the world.  And what it is coming for the world, beloved, in the same manner that the door was closed back then….God closed the door and after the door was closed, it says in the scriptures that it did not rain yet and surely many said “Oh look, they closed the door and it did not rain!" But Noah waited and was at rest…..they waited the time and it started to rain. Well, this time, the world did not know how to appreciate what God did in Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, what He spoke to the world through his gospel.  They did not receive it.
Well, today they did not receive this warning….they will have to see the events that are about to happen. Back then it started to rain and in the same manner, we will see great things in the nations, beloved...we are about to see the consequences, of our faith condemning the world today.


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US troops to arrive for exercises in Lithuania

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Roundup herbicide's health risks recognized by Danish scientists

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Military suicides: Psychiatry's greatest secret experiment

Prior to World War I, nearly all psychiatrists worked in mental institutions, where they dealt with the committed and insane. But they were really just caretakers; they didn't cure anyone. In fact, in those institutions, the "inmates" were very often subjected to cruel and inhumane psychiatric experimentation, and much of it was inflicted upon them to keep them quiet, not make them better.  Read More

The 5 most prevalent toxins destroying the body

With thousands of toxins circulating in the world it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. Formerly nutritious foods have been denatured to the point that they have very little benefit, and air and water have become dangerously polluted. These are 5 toxins to be especially concerned about.   Read More

How to alleviate fatigue with herbal medicine

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U.S. government environmentally poisoned Iraq with toxic waste burn pits

The war in Iraq has had many, many casualties, and now, according to a new report, that includes the environment. A advocacy organization representing American military veterans and Iraqi citizens descended on the nation's capital recently with a message for the U.S. government -- that it has to do something more for the thousands of people who have suffered from what the group called the "environmental poisoning" of Iraq during the U.S. conflict there.  Read More

Eating watermelon rind may boost libido, provide other health benefits

Many times, people discard parts of fruits and vegetables that they consider unhealthy. Not only is this habit wasteful, but it may mean that people are missing out on health benefits they never considered. For example, while many folks tend to peel the white strands of an orange away from the fruit, those fibers are thought to have the highest concentration of flavonoids.   Read More

Beware of the latest mystery sweetener additive to be tested on the public

A bit of a flap occurred recently when a new sweetener product was introduced by the processed food industry with claims that it was designated by the FDA as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). But the FDA denied that, because they didn't say it was GRAS.  Read More

Solar Eclipse, Peace Deal and Endtimes (Video)

April 29, which is just days away,  has the potential to be historic. Significant events with the sun and moon, the peace agreement for starters. Will sudden destruction be soon after? Read More

Five Weeks Away From World War III

Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk, believes that Russia could usher in the end of the world as we know it, if Vladimir Putin doesn’t back down. Kravchuk stated that Putin does not back down, ever! For several different reasons, it is becoming increasingly likely that war could break out in Ukraine as early as this May.  Read More

Slow-Motion Disaster: Wyoming landslide rips apart house

WYOMING - A creeping landslide threatening homes and businesses since early April in Jackson, Wyo., suddenly lurched Friday, tearing apart a house.   Read More

North Miami Beach Man Arrested in Sex Trafficking of High School Girls: Sources

A North Miami Beach man has been arrested in connection with a human trafficking operation in which girls from a nearby high school were allegedly going to be sold for sex. David Llama Lopez, 46, was arrested after a search warrant was executed at a home just off Biscayne Boulevard and 125th Street, according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office.    Read More

At a rare field hearing, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson calls Miami Beach ground zero for sea level rise

Miami Beach became ground zero for climate change Tuesday when U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson convened a rare field hearing to draw national attention to the dangers posed by rising seas. “For those who deny sea level rise and climate change, here is the proof,” Nelson said halfway through the two-hour hearing at Miami Beach City Hall, and one of several times he pointedly called out colleagues in Congress who deny that climate change is occurring.   Read More

Preserved ancient tundra landscape discovered under the Greenland Ice Sheet

A team of university scientists and a NASA colleague were greatly surprised to discover an ancient tundra landscape preserved under the Greenland Ice Sheet, below 3.2 km (2 miles) of ice. "We found organic soil that has been frozen to the bottom of the ice sheet for 2.7 million years," said University of Vermont geologist and lead author of paper published in journal Science, Paul Bierman.   Read More

Inducing rain and lightning with high-energy laser beams

Researchers at the University of Central Florida’s College of Optics & Photonics and the University of Arizona are developing a new technique to aim a high-energy laser beam into clouds to make it rain or trigger lightning.They are surrounding one beam with a second one to act as an energy reservoir, sustaining the central beam to greater distances than previously possible.   Read More

Activity intensifies at Guatemalan Fuego volcano

Guatemalan authorities reported yesterday that explosions at Fuego volcano intensified to moderate and strong. Gray columns of smoke and ash rose up to 4.5 km above sea level, moving 10 - 12 km southwest and northwest. Incadescent pulses remained at 200 meters above the southwest crater. Explosions generated small vibrations in the villages of Panimach√©, Morelia, Haghia Sophia, and some municipalities and departments such as Yepocapa, StaLucia Cotz, Acatenango Alotenango Pochuta, Escuintla, and Chimaltenango.   Read More

New surprising data: 26 multi-kiloton asteroid impacts detected since 2001

At a press conference held today at the Seattle Museum of Flight, three prominent astronauts supporting the B612 Foundation presented a visualization of new data showing the surprising frequency at which the Earth is hit by asteroids.   Read More

Today’s Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida

Parts of ancient Antarctica were as warm as today's California coast, and polar regions of the southern Pacific Ocean registered 21st-century Florida heat, according to scientists using a new way to measure past temperatures. The findings, published the week of April 21 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, underscore the potential for increased warmth at Earth's poles and the associated risk of melting polar ice and rising sea levels, the researchers said.    Read More

Today's The biggest earthquake: April 23, 2014

There have been: (M1.5 or greater)

  • 84 earthquakes today
  • 764 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 3,748 earthquakes in the past month
  • 35,468 earthquakes in the past year

The biggest earthquake:

about 17 hours ago 2.0 magnitude, 17 km depth
Central Alaska
about 18 hours ago 3.0 magnitude, 6 km depth
EnsenadaBaja CaliforniaMexico
about 18 hours ago 1.8 magnitude, 0 km depth
HiloHawaiiUnited States
about 18 hours ago 3.0 magnitude, 104 km depth
Puerto Rico
about 18 hours ago 2.7 magnitude, 5 km depth
EnidOklahomaUnited States
about 18 hours ago 3.1 magnitude, 55 km depth
Puerto Rico
about 18 hours ago 3.1 magnitude, 61 km depth
Puerto Rico
about 19 hours ago 2.8 magnitude, 43 km depth
Virgin Islands